Debugging and Visibility

I have recently been developing Spreadsheet::HTML and apart from a handful of mistakes, two particular CPANTS smoke tests (see this and that) always have one specific test fail. And only that one test. Here is the relevant output:

Needless to say, i was hard pressed to spot the problem. I usually just ignored these two …

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Adding Twitter Bootstrap to Rails (part 1)

Man i love me some Twitter Bootstrap. It’s the bomb. I don’t care if you convert or not. It’s mine. Thhhhpppppppttttt!!!! Jog off … Still here? Awesome! 😀 If you’ve been reading along so far (i’m obviously talking to myself now …) you know that i have been implementing the Depot example from Agile Web …

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First RoR Project

I went ahead and uploaded my first RoR project to github: This project is simply the example web app from Agile Development With Rails (4th ed.). I am sticking very closely with the instructions but i am using Twitter Bootstrap instead of the author’s stylesheets. I am also using Travis CI so i am getting some …

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